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Our Mission

Enriching and uplifting the lives of our Filipinos through communication, education and entertainment.

Our Vision

We will provide the best for our families by:

  • Being the national leader in video, voice and data
  • Being recognized for outstanding customer service
  • Being an employer of choice
  • Becoming a publicly listed, employee-owned company

Customer Focus

Our business exists because of our customers. We know our customers, internal or external, what their needs and wants, and how these can be met and satisfied. We review performance based on how best we have met our customers requirements.


We understand our roles and responsibilities as individuals and members of a team. We have performance objectives and expectations in the attainment of company goals. Management ensures that everyone takes accountability for daily decisions and actions to meet expected results.

Result Orientation

We commit to deliver results. We ensure that proper processes are done without losing sight of results expected of us. Management recognizes efforts and rewards achievement when company performance goals are exceeded.


We know and value our company, its products, services, its systems, its vision and values. We share the companys successes and shortfalls. We value initiatives. We strive for excellence because we owe it to ourselves and to the company. We do not settle for being average; we go the extra mile.


We understand and accept individualities and the value of each persons effort and contribution. We work as a team because we believe that much more can be accomplished by working together. We trust and openly communicate with each other. We are willing to share responsibilities. We are Team SkyBiz.


We perform our jobs with deep sense of honesty, transparency and integrity. We are consistent with our word (walk the talk) and adhere to the highest ethical standards and professional conduct. We comply with established rules and regulations. We do not lie, steal or cheat for personal gains.